Disney World, where dreams are furloughed.

The Florida theme park will stop paying some 43,000 workers after closing in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the employees’ representatives.

The staff will be furloughed by April 19 and will retain their health benefits, including medical, dental and life insurance policies, for up to a year under the agreement between Disney World and Service Trades Council, a coalition of unions representing Disney World workers.

“The union agreement provides stronger protections and benefits for 43,000 union workers at Disney than virtually any other furloughed or laid-off workers in the United States,” the union said in a statement to members.

“Disney will pay 100% of all insurance costs,” the union said. “There will be no cost to any employee who’s on furlough for use of their medical insurance and the continued coverage of it.”

The Orlando resort employs roughly 77,000 workers, making it the largest single-site employer in the country. Since closing, Disney has been paying its employees while they’ve stayed home.

Roughly 200 workers will be kept on staff while the park’s doors are closed to perform “essential duties,” the coalition said.

Officials said they had to undertake furloughs because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and when operations could resume. The company said it would also be furloughing non-union employees, including executives, whose jobs aren’t considered necessary.

“This agreement provides an easier return to work when our community recovers from the impact of COVID-19,” Disney officials said in a statement about Saturday’s agreement. “We are grateful to have worked together in good faith to help our cast members navigate these unprecedented times.”

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