A healthy 27-year-old Massachusetts man who was infected by COVID-19 says the virus “tricks you” into thinking you’re getting better — only to come back “with a vengeance,” according to a new report.

Cameron Karosis, of Cambridge — who had been working from home and only went out for groceries — told WBZ-TV that his illness began when he felt a kink in his neck that developed into a full-body ache on March 19.

A migraine came next — and then the signature respiratory issues of the illness, he told the station.

“If you are inhaling, all of a sudden you will hit this breaking point and you start coughing and it hurts like kind of in the lower part of your lungs,” he said. “And then when you are not trying to breathe either deeply or shallowly, you just feel like there’s someone sitting on your chest.”

He was tested for COVID-19, and said he received a positive result within four days.

His symptoms, he told the outlet, came in waves.

“It tricks you,” Karosis told the local station. “You have a week where you are doing poorly. You start to get better. Your fever dials back, and then it comes back with a vengeance, and that’s what happened to me.”

During the most severe stage of his illness, he was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was treated for several hours.

“When it really hit me I think was when I was in the hospital,” he said. “I started to get pretty emotional just thinking to myself, like what if I end up being intubated or something like that? Is that going to change my life?”

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Karosis fortunately did not need a ventilator, and was given the choice to remain at the hospital or return home. He picked the latter, opting to save a bed for someone who needed it more.

But Karosis said he didn’t feel completely well until Thursday — and finally started to work from home again, for the software developer and marketer HubSpot, on Monday.

He said he wants the public to know no one is immune to the virus.

“I only went to the grocery store twice,” Karosis said. “When I went, I wore gloves. I disposed of them immediately. I didn’t wear the same pair all day. And still got it. You can be healthy. You can do everything right. You can wear gloves. You can wear a mask. You can do everything right, and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything.”

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