Baby, you can drive my car — and we can fill the tank for almost pennies, especially in Wisconsin where a gallon is going for under a buck.

It’s just too bad nobody’s out on the road because of the coronavirus.

On the off chance you want to throw a mask on and take a spin around cheese country, you can gas up on regular unleaded for as little as 89 cents a gallon at Ole and Lena’s Fuel Depot in Wautoma, the Milwaukee Journal reported. Midgrade is going for 86 cents.

In the Milwaukee area, about 125 miles southeast from Wautoma, the price for regular unleaded ranges from 99 cents to $1.29.

The cost of gas is higher in the tri-state area but still lower than average, with prices ranging from $2.89 in Manhattan to $1.99 in parts of Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Normally, gas prices rise in the spring and summer because people drive more during warmer weather, so the demand is higher. But with millions of people off the road from coronavirus restrictions, demand for fuel has fallen.

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