Nearly 60% of Americans say they’re more concerned that loosening stay-at-home measures will cause more spread of coronavirus than they are about what impact restrictions might have on the US economy, according to a new poll.

The NBC News/WSJ poll released Sunday found that 58% of registered voters worry the country will be too quick to lift the restrictions, leading the virus to spread and to more fatalities.

By comparison, there was another 32% who are more concerned that the country will take too much time to ease the restrictions, which will take a toll on the economy.

There appeared to be a partisan impact on the responses — with 77% of Democratic respondents and 57% of independents reporting they more concerned about the spread of the virus than the economy.

Meanwhile, Republicans were more divided with 39% more worried about the pandemic and 48% reporting that their greatest concern was about the economy, the poll said.

The poll was conducted from April 13 to 15 as some states have begun to talk about how to ease lockdown restrictions.

Pollsters surveyed more than 900 registered voters, more than half of whom were reached by cellphone.

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