A Connecticut police department is using a drone equipped with virus-detecting technology to help battle the coronavirus.

The Westport Police Department on Tuesday tested the “pandemic drone,” which can measure body temperatures, read heart rates, and detect for coughing and sneezing from 190 feet away, according to the drone company Dragonfly.

The department also plans to use drone technology to enforce social distancing at beaches, train stations, parks and other areas where people congregate.

“This technology not only enhances the safety of our officers and the public, but the concept of using drones remains a go-to technology for reaching the most remote areas with little to no manpower needed,” said Westport Chief of Police, Foti Koskinas.

Westport Police Department has been using drones since 2016.

The department’s drone-pilot, Captain Ryan Paulsson, said, “we are modeling the future of drone integration in public safety by utilizing Draganfly’s technology as first responders.”

As of Tuesday, Fairfield County, where Westport lies, has seen 306 coronavirus cases and 34 deaths from the disease.

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