An Ecuadorean woman woke up from a coma and asked doctors to call her sister —almost a month after doctors had told her family that she was dead, reports said Saturday.

But now the family is left puzzled as to whose ashes they were given.

Alba Maruri, 74, was admitted to a hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador last month with a high fever and breathing problems, according to local newspaper El Comercio.

Doctors told Maruri’s family that she was dead on March 27 — and showed them a corpse in the hospital morgue so they could identify it, the BBC reported.

But out of fear of spreading COVID-19, officials had kept the family away from the body — though too far away, as it turned out.

Jaime Morla, her nephew, thought the woman’s body was his aunt’s, AFP reported.

”I was afraid to see her face. I was a meter and a half away. She had the same hair, the same skin tone,” he told the outlet.

The woman’s body was cremated, at the Maruri family’s expense.

But the actual Maruri woke up from her coma Thursday — leaving officials to blame the mix-up on the massive outbreak in the South American country.

Guayaquil is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Ecuador — which has been hit with more than 22,000 cases and nearly 600 reported deaths.

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